How to avoid the intrusion of wild boars and porcupines in the garden: how to build an electric fence

How to keep wild boars and other wild animals away from their land?
Agricultural entrepreneurs or small private farmers dedicated to the cultivation of land have experienced, at least once, the experience of the invasion of wildlife that threatens their crops (such as, for example, the intrusion of wild boars, porcupines, roe deer).

One of the most used methods to keep animals away from the land is the electric fence. In addition to countering the intrusion of wild animals, it can also be used to protect and delimit farm animals within an area.

The electric fence works thanks to the current pulses generated by an energiser. Two separate connections depart from the energiser: one to the fence created by the conductor wire and another to the ground.

How to build an electric fence?
It is advisable to ground the electric fence with 3 galvanized poles, placed 3 meters apart.

When an animal touches the electrified fence it will experience an electric shock lasting for thousandths of a second. In this way, the animal will move away.

How to keep wild boars away: what do you need to make an electric fence?
To build an electric fence it is necessary to have some basic components, including the energiser, the conductor wire, the insulators, the grounding pole, and other materials.

Gemi Elettronica is the Italian company that produces all the materials needed to make an electric fence.

The energiser is the device that generates electrical impulses to the fence. Choosing the right energiser is essential to have the right current on the fence.

The first distinction is made according to the type of power supply, which can be:

12 V battery (which can also be combined with a solar panel that recharges the battery);
220 V current.
The various energizers of Gemi Elettronica can cover from 5 km to 8 km of real perimeter. With pulses generated from 10000 V to 15000 V depending on the model chosen.

How to chase away wild boars: the choice of the common thread
The choice of the common thread depends on the length of the enclosure and the animals for which the enclosure is made. In fact, each wire has its own resistance and its own dispersive capacity, indicated in ohm / m. The closer the ohm / mt value is to zero, the less the current leakage will be, so the fence will work better.

The conductor wire must be passed inside the insulators, which are tools that fix and distance the electric wires from the poles used to build the electric fence.

The insulators are distinguished according to the type of post on which they are to be applied. The posts can in fact be in wood or iron. So there are screw insulators for wooden posts, and insulators for iron rods.

Gemi Elettronica is able to provide products with the CE mark, made in Italy, a guarantee of maximum safety, for both humans and animals.

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